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5 Essential Features Every Website Should Have

Is your website showing a potential customer everything that they need to know? A study found that 80% of people will research a company before making a purchase decision. In today's society it has become normal practice to search for a company in order to help you come to a decision, therefore it is now vital that your company website provides the most important information to potential customers.

In this article, we will outline 5 key things that we think your visitors want to see when they land on your website. Each company will have different requirements, but these points will outline the key features that every website should have.


When making a purchase decision, it can be useful to hear how other customers found their experience. By strategically placing customer reviews throughout the website, along with a specific action (a link to the online store, for example), you give potential customers that little push they need in order to make a final purchase.

Contact Information

This seems self-explanatory, but it is vitally important that your website contains methods for customers contacting you in as many places as possible. This can include a call button that appears in the header of every page, or an email link in the footer. As well as this, having a standalone contact page that contains everything from your company address to your telephone number and email address, provides users with a go-to page if they needed to get in contact.

Social Media

If you are active on social media, make sure that these are linked to from the website. It has been found that 95% of millennials expect a company to have a Facebook Page, so get one. If you're business uses a lot of imagery to advertise on social media, then showing these images on the website can be a good way of giving potential customers an insight into how the company works that they wouldn't see from just reading content.

Great content

Without great content, your website is useless. The content on your website dictates how potential customers view the business and shapes your brand, so take care with it. Ensure that the content is relevant, but also that it is original. Ensure that when people read the content on your website, it provides them with everything they need to know before making that final purchase decision. You should also consider the tone of your content. Consider your target market, and use language that they are familiar with in order to engage them in your product or service.

Up to date

Ensure your website is regularly updated. Imagine this, a potential customer comes onto your website and sees a featured news article at the top of the page so they decide to give it a read. They then discover that the article was written over a year ago. This doesn't look good. If you are going to be posting news or blog articles, ensure that these are regularly updated to show that you are active. This also plays a massive role in the SEO of your website, but that is for another day.

As we said before, every company will have different requirements when it comes to their website. Some may use their website to generate leads, whilst others will use theirs as a base for information on the company. No matter the company, these 5 points will ensure that more of those users turn to customers.


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