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Common Misconceptions: Web Development vs. IT

Without information technology, or IT, computers would not run efficiently. Therefore, websites would not exist and in turn, neither would website development.

While information technology is needed for web development to function, they are commonly thought of as the same thing. This is not the case.

While both are important for a business, it is important to understand the difference to communicate and engage with the right people when reaching out for these services.

Common Misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding information technology and website development. Many people go to information technology businesses and ask for website development and vice versa.

Although websites are created on and for a computer, information technology deals with configuring the hardware and software of a computer. Similarly, when people think of computers and websites, they automatically think of information technology.

This definitely is not the case as websites need specific, skilled, web developers to make sure their website runs and is maintained efficiently. Web developers are often based in web development companies or marketing agencies as websites integrate with the holistic approach to marketing your business.

Web Development

Web development encompasses building, creating, and maintaining websites. This includes design, publishing, programming, HyperText Markup Language (HTML), reports, search engine optimization and everything that relates to the marketing of a business.

Not only does web development help with the branding of a business on computers, but also helps make the website optimal for all viewing devices such as smartphones, mobile phones, desktop computers, smart televisions and e-readers.

Information Technology

According to Market Business News, information technology, or IT, refers to the development, maintenance, and use of computer software, systems, and networks.

This includes their use for processing and distributing information, facts, statistics and gathered together for reference, storage, or analysis.

Computers do not operate without software and software does not operate without information technology programming the software with codes and instructions.

Information technology also is responsible for designing the hardware, or physical components of a computer, for processing information, connecting separate components and developing software that can proficiently and flawlessly analyze and distribute the data collected.

In short, information technology works with the intricate inner-workings of a computer and certain data collection software.

Benefits of Information Technology and Website Development for a Business

Information technology and website development are both extremely essential for a business.

However, they are significant for different aspects of a business. It is important to have a team of information technology consultants simply for the reason of computer maintenance, security, backups and system administration.

These days, everything is held on a computer: documents, accounts, files, confidential information, and more. Information technology helps maintain the health of a computer to assure that this information remains secure.

Website development is important because it will help your organization consistently grow online. Web developers and designers work diligently to keep visitors coming back to your page, which in turn leads to more customers. They also offer an objective stance to help you compromise what you want and what actually works for your website.

At, we know that websites are often people’s first encounter with your business.

According to Pew Research, 87% of adults who use the internet access the web through a smartphone. Because of this, we know that great websites that work well on all devices make a fantastic first impression on prospective clients and customers.

During our web development process, we consider every interaction your users will have on their phones, tablets, and laptops and deliver a design that gets results, no matter the device. We use the latest content management system (CMS) to ensure that your site works flawlessly and is cost-effective.


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