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Frustrated with Your New or Existing Website?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Feeling Frustrated with Your New or Existing Website? Not Able to Reach Your "Web Person?" Nobody Answers the Phone. Responds to Emails? Updates are Not Made in a Timely Manner, if the Updates Do Happen. Where Has Your "Web Person" Gone To?

For an existing website, you may have had your website created at XYZ Website Design firm. They did great job with it, with the options you wanted on the website, and were very friendly. For a brand new website for your business, you may be considering ABC Website Design firm. Their portfolio looks great, they're really nice, and advised you that they can do all you would like to have on your website. Now what happens, when your website is online and you can't reach your "web person" about your website, and get a response in a timely manner?

You have a couple of questions and/or need an update, and your "web person" takes several days to get back with you, and/or seems to have disappeared into cyber space. It's frustrating, to say the least, among other expressions. It's your website -- you and your "web person" need to communicate and act in a timely manner, whether it's an update to your site, questions, and/or ideas. ​Is your website "just another website" to them? Are you're "just another client?" You shouldn't be stressed out over your website. Unlike some of these website firms out there, works with clients, and believes in a strong and professional relationship with each client, with personal attention. We believe in responding to our clients in a timely manner, no matter what it is. Don't Get Frustrated. Website Design is Here to Help!

  • Websites at Website Design are custom created and designed.

  • Your website represents your business, whether you're business to business and/or business to consumer.

  • Your website has information on your business, and the products and/or services offered.

  • Your website is open 24 / 7 / 365.

  • Your website has been built and is now online.

​We very much support our clients, and they know we're there for them. We believe in strong communications with our clients, via phone, email, and/or text. By phone: We actually answer the phone when you call. If by chance you reach our voicemail and leave a message, we actually call you back the same business day, if not, the next business day. ​If it's after hours or the weekend, and you really need to talk to us, we will actually answer the phone or return the same day or next day. Quite naturally if it's 11:00pm, regardless of which day of the week, the call goes to voicemail -- LOL!!! ​​​

​By Text: We believe in a timely response to texts, and welcome them from clients. ​By Email: We respond the same business day, if not, the next business day. ​Updates to Websites: We believe in timely updates, and have since our inception. Updates are done the same business day, if not, the next business day. A client shouldn't have to what several days or weeks -- That's crazy!! Questions: We encourage questions and answer them to the best of our abilities. ​Brainstorming: As a small business, we know how things can be. Including website design, we've been in the business world, working in corporate America, for over 30+ years. We've seen a lot of things and experienced a lot of things ourselves. We're open to brainstorming with our clients and want them to succeed. ​Referrals: We often make referrals for our clients - we want to help our clients as much as possible!!!! ​In Person: We often see clients at local business functions and/or out in the community. We don't hide. ​Fees: While we love designing websites, but, we can't do them for free or some low fee. Our fees are competitive and better than most website design firms. Our fees are based on what the business wants with their website, and we're fair with them. Qualified: Website Design is very much qualified and experienced. There are many different situations out there for businesses - no two businesses are alike. We rise to the challenges of creating a great website for a client. By the way, if we feel that we can't handle a potential client's website, we will make a recommendation to other firms. ​Overall, is there for clients, and have strong relationships. We very much want them to succeed in their endeavors and very much appreciate their business. ​Can you get that from the website design firm that handles your current website, or considering to handle your website? If the answer is "no," Contact Us Today for Your Free Consultation!

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