Small Business Website Design Package

In the last few years, there has been an active push for consumers to “shop local” and support small businesses, and that is largely made possible through the internet. 

Being able to have an online  presence  and market to customers in your local area and/or outside of your geographic area is a huge opportunity for many companies to grow their businesses. For all of these reasons, it is important that every small business have a website.

Having a strong online presence can truly be a make or break for any business.

  • It's the Welcome Mat

  • It Shows Your Business Actually Exists

  • It Shows Potential Clients If Your Business Is the Right Fit

  • People Need to Find You on Google 

  • Increase in Business Credibility

  • It Allows You to Compete

  • It Expands Your Physical Location

  • It Is a Reflection of the Service You Will Provide

  • It's Your Digital Brochure

  • Your Own Domain Name Increases Credibility

  • It’s Free Advertising

  • It's Crucial During a Pandemic

  • It's Open 24 / 7 / 365

Businesses without a web presence will miss out on these customers. They also may be considered out of date or not "with it" by those who have grown up on the internet.

At, we strongly believe that every small business, whether it's a new business or an existing business, should have a professionally designed, custom created website.

Website creation

Our Small Business Website Design Package is the best suitable type of site for a small business.

Our Small Business Website Design Package  is a simple, straightforward, and informative website with all the main pages needed for visitors’ unique and optimized experience. It’s ideal for small businesses to fully control their digital reputation and generate enough visibility from search engines. 

This is a total contrast from a large business that needs dynamic content, hundreds to thousands of website pages, and requires more complicated elements in eCommerce or member logins.

What pages are there on a 5-page website?
Generally, a five-page website has a standard number of pages that set a simple website with five pages.


While websites vary with its reputation, goals, and industry, the fundamental parts of a five-page website are: 

Home page
Your website’s primary page defines what your business is all about and links to your site’s vital pages. You can place a slogan or tagline here to provide a powerful summary statement for visitors to catch instantly.

About page
It is the overview of your website, business, company, products, or services. It represents your website, and best to place an image as your business visual representation. 

Contact page
This area is a crucial part of how your potential customer can get a hold of you faster. It includes your contact details, location, phone number, or business’ physical address.

Products and Services page(s)

It’s a straightforward approach to what products and services you offer. It’s also a critical part of a site visitors’ decision to decide whether to purchase your service and if it fits their current demand or the solution to their pain points.

Gallery page:
It’s a page where you can organize pictures or images found on your website. 

FAQs page:
Adding a frequently asked question page allows you to provide a useful knowledge-based page for all site visitors to understand what you offer and find related queries and possible answers. It’s a useful page for common proactive questions.

References and Testimonial page
This page helps increase your confidence and credibility through shared customer feedback and testimonials about your offer.

For most small and startup businesses, building a five-page website is a practical approach. You can create a substantial digital presence that helps your business grow in the long run. Whether you have a five-page site or more, it’s all about the relevance and services you offer, which provides value to every website visitor, leading to increased conversion and success.

Small Business Website Design Package

*Web Pages Created, Designed - Up to of Five - Six Web Pages (as mutally agreeded upon - Examples of Web Pages include

  • Home

  • About - Contact

  • Services and/or Products

  • Photo Gallery

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Testimonials - Feedback

*Web Pages may be added, for additional fee(s)

**Email Address(s), Web Hosting; Domain Name(s) are Renewed on an Annual Basis.

Additional Services - Fees May Be Applied for the Following:

  • Stock Images, exceeding the above ten

  • Stock Video(s)

  • Logo Design

For Information and Fees, Contact Terry Williams for Details - Free, No Obligation Consultation!

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