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Benefits of Social Media for Your Brand

For most businesses, being present on social media is a must. However, you have to do social media right. It is better to choose two or three platforms and be active on them, rather than try to be present on all platforms but do a poor job. It is recommended to post at least once a day, however, posting more than once a day has been shown to be even more beneficial.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is "a marketing term that describes the degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name,” according to the Investopedia.

In short, brand awareness is making new and existing customers aware of your company and the services that you offer.

Social media is a great tool for increasing brand awareness. It will expose your company to potential new customers and keep your existing customers up to date. With something as simple as posting on social media, your message is shown to a multitude of consumers.


The growth of your business can be greatly dependent on social media activeness. One way to grow your business through social media is through giveaways, promotional campaigns, and a combination of organic and paid social media strategies.

For a giveaway on social media, you could ask your followers to share a post, tag their friends or both. This will greatly increase your chance of gaining new followers and growing your business with new customers that were not aware of your brand before your post was shared. By combining organic posts - which reach your existing audience and implementing social advertising - which allows you to target and attract new customers, you are getting the best of both worlds and increasing the likelihood of more business and in turn, more growth.

Having your business on social media is an essential tool for customers that do not or cannot walk into your physical place of business. In today’s digital era, presence on various digital channels are a crucial component of your business, to ensure you remain accessible and convenient for a prospective customer. How can you expect your business to grow otherwise?


Social media gives a voice to your brand and allows your brand to have a human-element or an emotional-element. You can give your company a voice through the tools of blogging, community presence and charity campaigns.

These social media tactics all increase brand likeability.

Voicing your company’s opinion on certain topics has also become an important way to market your brand. In the past, consumers were not attracted to companies that share their opinion, but now people will gravitate towards companies that voice their concerns about real-world issues and the brands that they feel they can relate to and have a connection to.

Some extremely popular brands, such as Ben & Jerry’s, are vocal about their beliefs, however controversial they may be. This works for a lot of companies. However, if your brand wants to stay away from controversial topics and would rather appeal to everyone, focus your efforts on helping communities thrive, charity work and other community involvement.

Refer People to Your Website

Your website should ultimately be the hub of your online presence, where potential customers can find out the most about your brand. Your company will not survive without a fast loading, engaging, informative and easy to navigate website. Your website should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

You can use social media in several ways to direct people to your website. As a starting point, having your website address on your Instagram or Twitter bio, and linked on your Facebook or LinkedIn page is a must.

Using blogging, you can also link back to your website page within or after the blog to encourage consumers to learn more about your offerings.


A company must remain relevant in order to thrive. Everyone is on social media in some way or another and consumers expect brands to be present on the platforms too. For most companies, especially retailers, if you aren’t frequently updating your social media and posting engaging content, your followers will forget who you are and engage with companies that do frequently appear on their feed.

What your company or your employees post on social media is a representation of your brand. It is important to establish your brand tone, values and missions clearly to ensure you are making a good impression on your followers and future followers.

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